Size Genetics Penis Extender Review

Interested in purchasing a Size Genetics penis stretcher? In this article, you will learn all you need to know about the benefits, how it works and how much it costs.

Size Genetics Full System

Shown above is the Size Genetics™ Ultimate System $299.95 (click on image to buy)

Key Benefits of the Size Genetics Extender include:

  • Extend the length of the penis by inches
  • Safer and more effective solution than surgical penis enlargement
  • Clinically tested for men of all ages
  • Endorsed by doctors all around the world
  • 180-day money back guarantee

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Question is what is the best product, don’t get me wrong,  there are several penis enlargement products that work very well, one product that’s has sold the most, and has been around the longest is the Size Genetics penis extender, one of the highlights of this product is that in spite of this extender being around for over 18 years, the company continues to improve on its already great design, making it even more durable and more comfortable.

How it works

The Size Genetics extender is a traction device, it has a two rings, one that fits the base of the penis the other is where the head of the penis is inserted, once inserted the mechanism slides to gradually stretch the penis, what this does it create tiny micro- abrasions “cell division” in the penis that then heal, while this sound painful it is not, Size Genetics comes with different rods and it will extend out up to 9.5 inches in length providing plenty of room for growth. => Click here to learn more Read more