Jelq Device Review

The Jelq device is a practical  method to help men make their penis bigger.

Jelging is a term used for naturally increasing the size of a mans penis, traditional Jelqing is done with your hands.

Where did the term Jelqing come from?

Jelq Device ReviewIt is believed to have come from Arab origins, the term Jelq means to milk, which is essentially what Jelqing is “ milking your penis”, it involves gently pulling and stretching the penis, similar to that of pulling and stretching a cow’s teats, if Jelqing is performed consistently it can be an effective penis enlargement method.

While I have actually tried the manual Jelqing technique myself, I have not found it to be one of the easiest ways to increase penis size, personally, I don’t have the self-discipline to just use my hands to stretch my penis. In my own opinion, there are easier ways to Jelq, which is the reason, I decided to purchase and review the Jelq device.

What is the Jelq device

The Jelq device is a handheld spring-loaded mechanism that has two rollers at the end, what it does is substitute the use of your hands to help gently stretch the penis, constant and gradual stretching of the penis causes cell division, which over time will make the penis longer and thicker. For those who have never tried Jelqing before you should, when you do you will notice that your hands can tire quickly making sessions short, the recommended session time for Jelqing should last between 15-20 minutes which is a long time to use your hands, eventually your hands will become tired and begin to cramp up. => Click here to learn more

The Jelq device is a great alternative, all you do is press the two small clamps down, insert your penis and roll it back and forth along the shaft of the penis, this creates a stretching motion and substitutes manual jelqing with your hands. The rollers are comfortable and you are not using any real tension with your hands, with the Jelq device the two rollers are doing all the work.

Benefits of the Jelq device

  • Increase length and girth of your penis
  • Improve erection quality
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used privately in the shower or bath
  • Very affordable
  • Lets you easily Jelq 15- 20 minutes or longer

Benefits of the Jelq device

There are several things I like about the Jelq device starting with its reasonable price, the Jelq Device cost $59.00 which is more affordable than any other penis enlargement device sold, it comes with a user manual, the manual gives you very detailed instructions on how to use the product and includes step by step tips starting with using the device to warming up taking you every step of the way through the process.

One of the things I discovered by myself is that for a better effect you can use the Jelq device both vertically as well as horizontally, this way you hit both the top and bottom of the penis shaft as well as the sides which is the one thing that I figured out for myself that they do not explain in the manual.

What kind of results to expect

The Jelq device claims that using their product for 12 months men can achieve up to 1.44 inches in length, I believe these claims are very believable, I have been using the device for 3 months and have gained well over a half  inch and according to their chart I am right on schedule for the maximum growth of around 1 1/2 inches, which seems very realistic.

Expected girth and length Jresults using the Jelq penis enlargement device

The results from the above chart were taken from 320 male subjects who have used the Jelq device and the results above reflect their average size gains after a 12 month period.

Are there any cons to using the Jelq device?

The only con that I found that is that you need to use plenty of lubricants, I would suggest using a water-based based gel, this helps the rollers slide much easier up and down the shaft of the penis, but other than that I have no complaints about the product.


I like the Jelq device and the results are real, I find the company offers an honest presentation on what kind of results men can truly expect, and you cant beat the price, the Jelq can be used as a standalone product,  however some men including myself might choose to implement using this technique along with using a penis extender or pump to speed up their gains. => Click here to learn more

Where to buy 

I have seen this device sold on Amazon and Ebay but I myself and reluctant to purchase products of this nature on those sites because they could be possibly be used, in the case of the Jelq device I highly recommend purchasing directly from the company, this will ensure you receive a new and genuine product and if for any  reason you are not completely satisfied with the product you have 30 days to return it.

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Below are some photo examples of the Jelq device that can give you an idea of how it works

Using the Jelq device example 1

Using the Jelq device example 3

Using the Jelq device image 3