Does the Penomet Penis Pump Really Work

Penomet Premium

All the facts about the Penomet, plus we answer one of the most common questions that every man asks and that is does the Penomet penis pump really work?

If you are serious about making your penis bigger you have definitely come to the right place, over the last 10 years I along with other friends have tried just about every penis enlargement method under the sun, we have figured out what works and what does not, if it’s listed on my site it is because it has been effective in one way or another at increasing penis size.

Penomet Premium

The Penomet is not a new product, it has been around for many years and continues to improve in both quality and comfort, due to its increasing popularity and effectiveness it is now sold in many different countries. The Penomet provides men with a practical and inexpensive way to increase the size of their penis, however, it does more than that and below I will discuss the many features and uses of the Penomet. Read more

What is Peyronie’s Disease

What you should know about Peyronie’s disease and how to treat it

What is it?

Peyronie’s Disease is a condition that affects men through the development of fibrous scar tissue inside the penis causing curved and painful erections. Curved erections are actually very common, but the disease, in particular, causes noticeable amounts of bend and pain that make it a significant and unnatural problem. Peyronie’s Disease can be so painful that it can actually prevent men from maintaining an erection and from having sex; this alone is a major concern due to the high amounts of stress and anxiety that can weaken and take a significant toll on someone’s state of mind. This particular condition affects approximately 1% of the world’s male population, mainly men between the ages of thirty and eighty years old, that said, younger men can also be prone to the disease.


Like most medical conditions, Peyronie’s Disease hasn’t been completely understood and therefore, its nature is still frequently questioned. In spite of much research the causes  are still unclear, many believe and argue that the plaque, fibrous scar tissue or lumps as they are often called, are generated and directly related to trauma (injury) that in exchange generates bleeding inside the penis. Genetics have also been studied and analyzed, and while it’s highly likely that they play a big part in the development of the condition, there is still quite a bit of research needed to completely prove this assessment. It’s worth mentioning that athletes regularly suffer from Peyronie’s due to the repeated trauma caused from athletic activities.


Bent Penis with Peyronie's disease
Photo courtesy Wikipedia

The symptoms presented with the existence of Peyronie’s Disease are very clear and easy to diagnose, these symptoms may suddenly appear or gradually develop over time. The first sign of the disease is the obvious scar tissue, plaques or lumps as they are commonly known as. The plaques can be felt under the skin of the penis and are very easy to spot and diagnose. The other major sign that points to this condition is a significant bend to the penis: if it’s curved upward, downward or bent to the side it’s a clear sign that the individual suffers from the disease, in some cases the penis may even present narrowness in a particular area. The last two symptoms are also very noticeable, these being constant erectile dysfunction and pain in the genital area with or without an erection.


Peyronie’s Disease can be treated through different methods, some being more dangerous than others. Medication is probably one of the safest ways to treat it but it’s still painful due to the nature of the treatment, the FDA approved Xiaflex a while back, this medication breaks down the scar tissue and it’s only available in an injectable form. Read more

Ultimate Penis Stretcher Benefits

My Personal review on the ultimate penis stretchers benefits

Penis enlargement is not a new concept, in fact over the last decade penis stretchers have become more effective, more comfortable, and more affordable. In the past, there were some pretty rudimentary devices, many of them caused more harm than good and did little to increase the size of  man’s penis. If you have been reading other articles on my blog, you will know that the best selling penis stretcher is the SizeGenetics but it is also more expensive.

In this article, I will disclose a secret that not many men are aware of, and that is that the Ultimate Stretcher offers the same quality as the SizeGenetics, the only difference is it does not have as many features, most of those added features are really not needed. If your ultimate goal is to purchase a quality yet inexpensive device to increase the size of your penis, the Ultimate Stretcher will be perfect for you.

Ultimate Stretcher Facts

  • The Ultimate Stretcher can increase the size of your penis by inches
  • It is made by the same company that makes the SizeGenetics
  • A high quality yet very affordable product that works
  • The Ultimate Stretcher is a medically certified device (Directive 93/42/EEC)
  • Has been endorsed by certified physicians
  • Comes with the official PenisHealth™ online exercise program
  • Free and immediate shipping available
  • Comes with a 6-month money back guarantee

How it works

A penis stretcher is an easy to use traction device, the device itself has an adjustable slider that gently stretches the penis causing cell division,  the scientific name for this  process is called “cytokinesis” by using a penis extender every day, it will gently increase the length and thickness of the penis, most penis stretchers can be worn for several hours day, in the case of the ultimate Stretcher it can easily be worn for more than 6 hours a day, my personal experience has been up to 8 hours with no discomfort. Read more

Facts About Penis Stretchers

If you are interested in making your penis bigger, there are a few facts about them that you should know before going out and spending your hard-earned money on one, I have had plenty of experience with all kinds of penis enlargement devices, for me it was a difficult trial and error journey before I finally found the right combination of what worked and what did not.

Hopefully I can shed some light for those who are considering purchasing a stretcher, it should save you time and money, but before we go into that let’s explain the concept of using a penis stretcher to increase the size of your penis.

Generic White Penis Stretcher

What is a penis stretcher?

Penis stretchers are also to referred to as extenders,  most stretchers use a sliding traction device that extend the length of the penis, it does this by creating tiny microabrasions that heal,  this process is known a “cytokinesis” over time it increases the length and thickness of the penis, while this process might sound painful it is not, a quality penis stretcher can be worn for several hours a day with no discomfort. Read more

The MaleEdge Penis Extender

All the facts you need to know before you buy the MaleEdge penis stretcher

There are several quality penis stretchers designed to make your penis bigger, many of them can be very expensive, the MaleEdge penis extender is a reasonably priced product that offers all the features and comfort of some of the more expensive penis stretchers.

The MaleEdge Penis extender is what is considered a type II medical device, its main function is to help men increase the overall size of their penis, most men will see an increase of up to 2.5 inches in length. The way penis stretchers work is by creating tiny microabrasions “cell division” in the penis which then heal and over time increase the size of the penis, while it might sound painful, it is not, one of the reasons penis stretchers cost as much as they do, is because there is a lot of research and development invested in the design of these products to ensure that they are comfortable enough to wear all day long.

MaleEdge Pro Penis Stretcher

Penis traction with comfort

The MaleEdge stretcher uses a special sliding traction mechanism, making their product a safe non-surgical method to increase the size of your penis, it works by applying a steady stretch to the shaft of the penis causing tissue cells to divide and multiply, this is a process called “cytokinesis”, using the MaleEdge stretcher every day for a few hours delivers permanent results and is a much safer alternative to a surgical procedure. => learn more about MaleEdge Read more

MaleExtra ED Supplement for Men

Improve your erection quality with MaleExtra, guaranteed!

There is nothing worse than a man who underperforms in bed, not only can it weaken his self-esteem, it can cause embarrassment with his partner. MaleExtra ED supplement for men can help restore erection quality and improve sexual performance.

Let’s face it, if you have problems achieving  and maintaining a solid erection, your sex life will suck. Men who experience symptoms of erectile dysfunction will seek medical advice, which is fine. Unfortunately, many doctors are quick to prescribe medications that only provide them with a temporary fix to their problem and not a long term solution.


Causes of poor quality erections

While it’s true that some of the causes of erectile dysfunction can be serious, most are simple problems that can be remedied without the use of medications, let’s take a look at some of the factors that cause poor quality erections.

  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • High blood pressure
  • Elevated cholesterol
  • Low testosterone
  • Lack of certain nutrients in your daily diet

The above are common causes of erectile dysfunction, most of them can be remedied by making a few simple lifestyle changes. Exercising, cutting back on smoking and making changes to your diet will help. If you are in a hurry and need a fast solution for problems with ED MaleExtra is a good option.  => Learn more about MaleExtra Read more

What is a Penis Extender?

Penis StretcherPenis extenders have been around for at least two decades and have effectively offered men a safe alternative to surgery to increase the length of the penis.

A penis extender is a simple but effective mechanical device that is attched to the penis which can be manually adjusted in order to apply traction and gently extend the length of the penis, while it may sound painful and radical it is not, it is no different than a corrective action to having braces on your teeth. If a penis stretcher is used as recommended it can be safely used for prolonged periods of time with no side effects, most men can expect to see a realistic length increase of about 2.5 to 3 inches and in some cases more.

The Penis Extender Mechanism

Most penis stretchers are similar in design in that there are two rings,  one which fits at the base of the penis and the other fits at the penis glan or head. Some penis extenders use a basic plastic which can be very uncomfortable, while others use foam or silicone padding to comfortably accommodate any size penis, more expensive penis extenders allow the device to turn and rotate offering better comfort due to its ability to better conform and adjust to any size penis. Read more

Benefits of Using a Penis Extender

If you have been searching for a device to help increase the size of your penis its not easy, so much conflicting information can be confusing as to what you should buy, there are many under priced products that wont last and will hurt your “weenie”, trust me, in the world of penis enlargement cheap can be dangerous, in the end you will end up hating it because of the discomfort it has caused you.

You would think that any device designed to increase the size of the male penis would work in much the same way and have similar results, unfortunately this is not the case. Today I will try to explain in the simplest way possible the benefits of using a penis extender “stretcher” Penis extenders offer a very effective way for men to add inches to their penis.

Penis extenders have been around for a long time, some of the first penis stretchers were extremely rudimentary devices that would cause more harm than good, Most modern day penis extenders offer several advantages besides increasing the length of the penis.

The way penis extenders work

Most penis extenders are based on the same concept, they are classified as a type 1 medical device, a penis extender is a traction device that has two rings, one slides towards the base of the penis and the other around the head of the penis “glan” using small adjustable rods it gently stretches the penis, what this does is create tiny micro-abrasions in the penis that heal, regenerating new tissue, consistent use over an extended period of time will increase the penis in length.The concept is similar to building muscle, if you lift heavy weight the muscle tears and then regenerates, this stimulates muscle growth which is the same principle behind penis enlargement.



Not painful at all

While it may seem like a painful process,  it is not, in fact most companies that sell penis extenders focus on versatility and comfort, they are very aware that the more comfort they offer the longer you will wear it, which will result in better size gains. Read more

Why Your Penis Extender Does Not Work “You Hate It”

Penis ExtenderUsing a penis extender can be a love hate relationship for some men,  but not all, in fact most men who are looking to ad inches to the length of their penis have been very successful, others curse them saying they had little of no effect on making their penis bigger, often blaming the product itself, when in fact a lot had to do with their not knowing how to use it or “lack of patience”.

Some will order a product,  open up the box but fail to read the instructions,  strapping it on while not knowing exactly how it fits or how it should work,  if this is you, put everything back in the box, take a deep breath and if you are the impatient type, wait till the next day or when you have time to actually sit down and read the instructions or watch the video tutorial, if you purchased any of the top 5 selling penis extenders it should have come with detailed instructions on how to use the device.

Its hurting your penis

A common complaint on most forums is that some men become to over zealous and put to much tension on the penis,  this can cause discomfort or mild bruising , that is why when you begin using any penis extender device you need to start out slow. If you go to the gym for the very first time you don’t automatically stack on the weight and  lift do you? No, you  gradually add weight as you body gets used to it. Penis enlargement is no different, when using a penis extender for the very first time you need to add tension slowly and increase it little by little, you can’t expect to add lots of tension but if you do it is going to hurt. Penis lengthening takes time and patience, go slow and after a few months you will see the benefits. Read more

Size Genetics Penis Extender Review

Interested in purchasing a Size Genetics penis stretcher? In this article, you will learn all you need to know about the benefits, how it works and how much it costs.

Size Genetics Full System

Shown above is the Size Genetics™ Ultimate System $299.95 (click on image to buy)

Key Benefits of the Size Genetics Extender include:

  • Extend the length of the penis by inches
  • Safer and more effective solution than surgical penis enlargement
  • Clinically tested for men of all ages
  • Endorsed by doctors all around the world
  • 180-day money back guarantee

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Question is what is the best product, don’t get me wrong,  there are several penis enlargement products that work very well, one product that’s has sold the most, and has been around the longest is the Size Genetics penis extender, one of the highlights of this product is that in spite of this extender being around for over 18 years, the company continues to improve on its already great design, making it even more durable and more comfortable.

How it works

The Size Genetics extender is a traction device, it has a two rings, one that fits the base of the penis the other is where the head of the penis is inserted, once inserted the mechanism slides to gradually stretch the penis, what this does it create tiny micro- abrasions “cell division” in the penis that then heal, while this sound painful it is not, Size Genetics comes with different rods and it will extend out up to 9.5 inches in length providing plenty of room for growth. => Click here to learn more Read more