ProSolution Plus Stops Premature Ejaculation

ProSolution Plus improves erection quality and prevents premature ejaculation.

An introduction to ProSolution Plus

Male enhancement has always been a sensitive topic and an even more complicated problem to solve if you’re not looking in the right place. The creators behind ProSolution Plus shared this feeling and decided to create a world class product that has so far changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of men who desperately needed to improve their sex life.

ProSolution Plus

Conclusive medical studies have shown that ProSolution Plus has the ability to improve erection quality, sexual function, and sexual satisfaction while reducing premature ejaculation and impotence. This is achieved through a powerful formula made from a series of natural ingredients traditionally used in ancient medicine. Combined with reputable testimonials, a competitive price tag, and a long list of benefits, ProSolution Plus is here to stay for a very long time. Read more

X4 Penis Stretcher Review and Facts

In this article, I review the benefits of the X4 penis stretcher and what you can expect from this affordable yet very effective penis enlargement device.

The X4 penis stretcher is an effective and affordable penis enlargement device to help men add inches to the size of their penis. This Canadian penis enlargement company has been serving customer for over 11 years. The product has been used by over 500 thousand men across the globe, and it is known as one of the  number one penis enlargement devices made for men. If you are unhappy with the size of your penis, you don’t have to be, the X4 penis stretcher is capable of adding both length and thickness to your penis.

X4 Labs gold edition penis stretchers
Shown Above X4 labs Gold Edition Penis stretcher $239.99

The primary purpose of the X4 penis stretcher is to increase the length and thickness of a man’s penis. Penis stretchers work by using traction technology to gently elongates the penis, by gradually applying traction to the penis it causes tiny micro abrasions in the skin which heal, the end result is a longer and thicker penis. A bigger penis not only gives you more self-confidence it will also be more pleasing your to your partner. Read more

Penis Stretcher Benefits

Penis Stretcher benefits, do they work? If so what kind of results can men expect

Penis stretchers are an effective way for men to increase the size of their penis, the problem is, many men are still not sure if these devices work. If you are considering purchasing one, in this article, we will cover the benefits you can expect from using one of these devices and what kind of benefits you can expect.

Penis Stretcher Benefits

One of the biggest reasons men fail with penis enlargement is because most of the time they buy a cheap product, most inexpensive penis stretchers will do more harm than good, cheap penis stretchers are made of poor materials and are uncomfortable to wear, which is why so many men do not succeed with penis enlargement, so if you are going to buy a penis enlargement make sure you look for quality.

How penis stretchers work

A penis stretcher is a traction device that gently stretches the penis, for centuries men have implemented various crude techniques to make their penis bigger, using rudimentary hanging devices with rocks or weights which in many situations caused injury. Modern day penis stretchers are comfortable to wear and create gradual tension, over time, these devices are capable of making your penis a couple of inches longer and thicker.


Penis stretchers help increase penis size by creating cell division, cell division is also known as Mitosis which takes place in every living cell in the human body, it is responsible for cell growth. Penis stretchers cause cell division, if used for an extended period of time the penis becomes bigger. Read more

Do Penis Enlargement Devices Work

Do penis enlargement devices work, if so which one is best.

One of the biggest questions men have is do penis enlargement devices work? In this article, I will review several different options that can help make your penis bigger.

The topic of penis enlargement always attracts conflicting views. The reason for this can be attributed to the myriad of dubious products that are sold as penis enlargement devices. Many of them do not work, and that is the primary reason why many men are skeptical about buying one. That said, men should consider that many scientific studies have indicated good to very good enlargement results, depending on the device used.

While male enhancement supplements may seem more practical and easier to use than a penis enlargement device, they do have some limitations. Penis stretchers and pumps are in fact more effective, most men who have used them have had a very high success rate. If you are looking for a device to enlarge your penis, below we will describe the different kinds of products available that can make your penis bigger.

Penis lengthening  using weight: This method involves increasing the length of the penis with the help of weights and pulling devices. Most of the weight based devices may cause more harm than good. They can rupture ligaments and blood vessels. The premise for these devices is to attach a series of weights to the length of the penis and allow the weight to work with gravity, in effect stretching the penis.

Penis Stretching Device Using Weight
Zen Hanger

Men using these devices are expected to wear them a few hours per day. Needless to say, this procedure can cause some discomfort. It can also cause some serious problems as it can stretch and rupture the ligaments at the base of the penis shaft. It can also damage blood vessels, which is a more serious problem. Any injury to the penis area can take weeks and even months to heal, so, people using these devices should exercise extreme caution. Read more

VigRX Premature Ejaculation Spray

VigRX premature ejaculation spray is a safe and effective cream for men to prevent premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation is something that affects men of all ages,  it seems to be more common amongst younger men. There is nothing worse than having sexual intercourse and after a minute or two, bang, you ejaculate prematurely, leaving your partner wanting more. If you suffer from symptoms of premature ejaculation VigRX premature ejaculation spray can help.

VigRX Premature Ejaculation Spray

If you are a man who ejaculates fast during intercourse, you are not alone. Many women will brush it off and not tell you the truth, but several independent surveys show that the average woman would like sexual intercourse to last for an average of 23 minutes. Foreplay may help before sexual intercourse, but preventing premature ejaculation after initial penetration can be difficult.

Some men have tried using Viagra to prevent premature ejaculation,  but ED medications were not designed to prevent you from coming too fast, they are meant to prevent impotence, they may help some men maintain an erection after ejaculating but Viagra should not be used for that purpose. => Click here to learn more Read more

Jelq Device Review

The Jelq device is a practical  method to help men make their penis bigger.

Jelging is a term used for naturally increasing the size of a mans penis, traditional Jelqing is done with your hands.

Where did the term Jelqing come from?

Jelq Device ReviewIt is believed to have come from Arab origins, the term Jelq means to milk, which is essentially what Jelqing is “ milking your penis”, it involves gently pulling and stretching the penis, similar to that of pulling and stretching a cow’s teats, if Jelqing is performed consistently it can be an effective penis enlargement method.

While I have actually tried the manual Jelqing technique myself, I have not found it to be one of the easiest ways to increase penis size, personally, I don’t have the self-discipline to just use my hands to stretch my penis. In my own opinion, there are easier ways to Jelq, which is the reason, I decided to purchase and review the Jelq device.

What is the Jelq device

The Jelq device is a handheld spring-loaded mechanism that has two rollers at the end, what it does is substitute the use of your hands to help gently stretch the penis, constant and gradual stretching of the penis causes cell division, which over time will make the penis longer and thicker. For those who have never tried Jelqing before you should, when you do you will notice that your hands can tire quickly making sessions short, the recommended session time for Jelqing should last between 15-20 minutes which is a long time to use your hands, eventually your hands will become tired and begin to cramp up. => Click here to learn more

The Jelq device is a great alternative, all you do is press the two small clamps down, insert your penis and roll it back and forth along the shaft of the penis, this creates a stretching motion and substitutes manual jelqing with your hands. The rollers are comfortable and you are not using any real tension with your hands, with the Jelq device the two rollers are doing all the work.

Benefits of the Jelq device

  • Increase length and girth of your penis
  • Improve erection quality
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used privately in the shower or bath
  • Very affordable
  • Lets you easily Jelq 15- 20 minutes or longer

Benefits of the Jelq device

There are several things I like about the Jelq device starting with its reasonable price, the Jelq Device cost $59.00 which is more affordable than any other penis enlargement device sold, it comes with a user manual, the manual gives you very detailed instructions on how to use the product and includes step by step tips starting with using the device to warming up taking you every step of the way through the process.

One of the things I discovered by myself is that for a better effect you can use the Jelq device both vertically as well as horizontally, this way you hit both the top and bottom of the penis shaft as well as the sides which is the one thing that I figured out for myself that they do not explain in the manual.

What kind of results to expect

The Jelq device claims that using their product for 12 months men can achieve up to 1.44 inches in length, I believe these claims are very believable, I have been using the device for 3 months and have gained well over a half  inch and according to their chart I am right on schedule for the maximum growth of around 1 1/2 inches, which seems very realistic.

Expected girth and length Jresults using the Jelq penis enlargement device

The results from the above chart were taken from 320 male subjects who have used the Jelq device and the results above reflect their average size gains after a 12 month period.

Are there any cons to using the Jelq device?

The only con that I found that is that you need to use plenty of lubricants, I would suggest using a water-based based gel, this helps the rollers slide much easier up and down the shaft of the penis, but other than that I have no complaints about the product.


I like the Jelq device and the results are real, I find the company offers an honest presentation on what kind of results men can truly expect, and you cant beat the price, the Jelq can be used as a standalone product,  however some men including myself might choose to implement using this technique along with using a penis extender or pump to speed up their gains. => Click here to learn more

Where to buy 

I have seen this device sold on Amazon and Ebay but I myself and reluctant to purchase products of this nature on those sites because they could be possibly be used, in the case of the Jelq device I highly recommend purchasing directly from the company, this will ensure you receive a new and genuine product and if for any  reason you are not completely satisfied with the product you have 30 days to return it.

Order Button Jelq Device

Below are some photo examples of the Jelq device that can give you an idea of how it works

Using the Jelq device example 1

Using the Jelq device example 3

Using the Jelq device image 3

Penis Extender Benefits for Penis Enlargement

There is no doubt that most men are worried about the size of their reproductive organ. Most of them would love to have a bigger penis. But, what is even more interesting is that numerous surveys have confirmed that women love larger penises too. When it comes to men, there are few reasons why they think about the size all the time.

Most of them believe that a larger penis will make their partner more satisfied which is partially true. The fact that their penis is smaller than an average penis hurts their self-confidence and the consequences can be felt in the bed. The fact is that in the last two decades, medicine has come up with several solutions for men who are looking for penis enlargement. One of the most popular options is the penis extender.

X4 Labs Penis Stretcher

Shown above is the X4 Labs penis stretcher (Learn More)

Penis extenders are based on a very old belief and concept that claims that by stretching the penis, men can actually enlarge this organ. So, penis extenders are specially made devices that can be worn at any time of the day with a basic goal – penis enlargement. These special devices are carefully designed in order to avoid any problems which mean that they are perfectly safe.

It is also worth mentioning that there are many different types of extenders, but their basic concept is the same. With so many other products that promise the same thing, one might ask why choose penis extenders. By learning more about the penis extender benefits for penis enlargement, you will probably find the answer to this question.

First of all, this is probably the only device that has penis enlargement as primary goal. Pills and penis vacuum pumps are usually used for helping people with erectile dysfunction. Of course, penis extenders can help in situations like this too, but their main objective is penis enlargement.

Male Edge penis extender

Shown above is the Male Edge Penis extender

Of course, another great benefit is the fact that users can experience significant improvement. According to some sources, by using quality penis extenders for a certain period of time, men were able to increase the length for up to 4 inches and the thickness to up to 2 inches. No other device can promise that.

Many men love penis extenders because they are able to fix this problem once and for all. It might take some time before the effects are visible, but once they appear they will stay forever. This is a permanent solution for penis enlargement.

Unlike many other devices and medications focused on penis enlargement, penis extenders don’t come with any side effects. Of course, this is only possible if you are using this device in a proper way. Just follow the guidelines and you will be perfectly safe.

Just like in the case of penis pumps, the investment in this device looks a little bit costly, but the truth is that this is a long-term investment that will eventually pay off. If you use these penis extenders in the right way you will achieve your goal.

Benefits of Penis Pumps for ED

Besides increasing the size of your penis, there are many more benefits that a penis pump can offer, in this article we will discuss the benefits of  penis pumps for ED

Frustrated woman in bed by sleeping husbandAccording to some statistics, more than 30% of men will experience some type of ED (erectile dysfunction) problem at some point in their life. Unfortunately, these figures are expected to grow in the future and the main reason for that is the unhealthy lifestyle that modern men practice.

There are many reasons why ED occurs. Some of them are physical while others are psychological. While it is true that determining the right cause will help you solve this problem faster, it is also true that are some solutions that have proven to be very effective in the elimination of the effects of erectile dysfunction. One of these methods involves the use of penis pumps.

A penis pump is a specially designed device that is used for treating impotence for many years. It is good to point out that some people use the term vacuum pump to describe the same device. Of course, men use penis pumps for few different reasons like increasing the length and volume of the penis and even for self-pleasuring. Since the popularity of these pumps is growing, it is no surprise why there are so many manufacturers that have decided to design their own models.

Although these different models come with different features and different appearance, there are some elements that most of these devices have. For instance, the vast majority of these devices come with a special acrylic cylinder and a pump that can be placed directly on top of the penis. This cylinder is connected to a pump that works manually or with the help of a motor or battery in order to make suction.

Benefits of a penis pump

  • Ability to naturally achieve an erection without medications
  • Immediately increase blood flow to the penis even when libido is low
  • Increase penis size
  • Improve erection quality
  • Straighten a bent penis “Peyronie’s disease”

Secondary benefits of a penis pump

  • Counteract the symptoms of ED due to certain medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Can help men regain erections after certain procedures such as those recovering from prostate surgery
  • Penis pumps can be used along with other ED treatments such as penile implants, medications and ED supplements

Once the pump starts making the vacuum in this area, the body is forced to supply the penis with more blood which finally results in a hard erection. Men can keep the erection by placing a ring on the bottom of the penis before they remove the vacuum. This is a unique device that has helped thousands of men around the world. If you are still wondering what the benefits of penis pumps for ED are, we will highlight some of the most important ones.

Read more

Pro Extender Benefits for Effective Penis Enlargement

Pro Extender in Fancy Case

Pro Extender DeluxeIf you are in the market for a penis enlargement system and are at wits end with frustration on what to buy, you are not alone. Doing a search on the internet can leave you exhausted, with so many different types of penis extenders it can be difficult to know which one to buy.

Obviously, our job at is to give you as much information possible to help you make an educated decision on what to buy, at the end of the day what you want is a bigger penis.

The Pro Extender on the surface does seem to offer a lot more than other penis extenders, the question is, does it? Penis extenders offer very similar technology and most offer good comfort, the principle behind any penis extender is to gradually lengthen the penis by dividing cells, the medical term is called, “cytokinesis”. Creating constant tension will increase the size of your penis making it longer and thicker.

The Pro Extender sells 4 different variations of their product that include the following:

  • The original Pro Extender $299.00
  • The Deluxe ProExtender $399.00
  • Original Pro Extender System $329.95
  • Deluxe Pro Extender System $429.00

The original Pro Extender comes in a plain cardboard box and includes the  traction device, the extending rods, some padding and everything you need to get started. Read more

The Noogleberry Penis Pump

Noolgberry Large Penis Pump system

The Noogleberry penis pump is an effective device to help men achieve an erection with no side effects

Shown here is The Noogleberry Penis PumpOne subject that can be really touchy among men is discussing issues about erectile dysfunction, some men can get away with taking some sort of male enhancement pills, other men are unable to take medications, in this case, a penis pump is a good alternative to help men achieve an erection and take back control of their sex life.

In this article, I will discuss the benefits and facts about the Noogleberry penis pump and how it can help men achieve full erections. You are probably asking yourself what is so special about the Noogleberry, the Noogleberry sells many different products, one of their best selling products is the Noogleberry breast pump that has helped thousands of women increase the size of their breasts. The Nooglebery vacuum pump is a quality product that has helped thousands of men who suffer from ED or poor erection quality, it can also help men effectively increase the size of their penis.

First let’s look at some facts about the Noogleberry penis pump

  • The Noogleberry is a safe way for men to achieve an erection
  • The Noogleberry penis pump can increase the size of a mans penis
  • The Noogleberry can help men suffering from symptoms if ED
  • Comes with 12-month warranty
  • The Noogleberry penis pump is inexpensive costing less than other similar devices

What is the Noogleberry penis pump?

The Nooglebrry penis pump is a simple and practical device that comes with everything men need to stimulate a full erection, it comes in two different sizes a 8″ and 10″ inch pump, there is a slight difference in price but each come with everything you need to kick your sex life back into gear. the basic Noogleberry system is considered a manual pump meaning you have to manually use the supplied hand pump to create pressure. => Click here to learn more Read more