X4 Labs penis extender review

June 9, 2018 0 By pefacts

In this article, I review the benefits of the X4 penis stretcher and what you can expect from this affordable yet very effective penis enlargement device.

The X4 penis stretcher is an effective and affordable penis enlargement device to help men add inches to the size of their penis. This Canadian penis enlargement company has been serving customer for over 11 years. The product has been used by over 500 thousand men across the globe, and it is known as one of the  number one penis enlargement devices made for men. If you are unhappy with the size of your penis, you don’t have to be, the X4 penis stretcher is capable of adding both length and thickness to your penis.

The primary purpose of the X4 penis stretcher is to increase the length and thickness of a man’s penis. Penis stretchers work by using traction technology to gently elongates the penis, by gradually applying traction to the penis it causes tiny micro abrasions in the skin which heal, the end result is a longer and thicker penis. A bigger penis not only gives you more self-confidence it will also be more pleasing your to your partner.

X4 penis stretcher features

The X4 penis stretcher sells several different models for both penis enlargement, or for men who suffer from a bent or curved penis, the models include:

  • X4 Gold series and the Ultra Extreme (premium) edition $239.99
  • Premium Extreme edition $219.99
  • Premium edition $119.00
  • Deluxe edition (Basic) $79.99

Men suffering from a bent or curved penis (Peyronies disease) have 3 different models available to them which include:

  • X34 Labs Peyronie’s professional $299.99
  • Peyronie’s premium $169.99
  • Peyronie’s deluxe edition $119.99

The X4 offers several benefits when compared to other penis stretchers, when you visit the site you will notice that there are so many features and packages to choose from (almost too many) it can be hard to decide on which one might suit you the best. The X4 can be used by men of all penis sizes, big and small. If you have already done your research you will find that any quality penis stretcher will cost you on average $150.00 and the prices go up from there. The X4 offers affordability with many of the same features offered by some of the more expensive penis stretchers.

X4 Penis stretcher facts

  • The X4 penis stretcher is made of 100% medical grade materials
  • Offers 3600 grams of tension more than any other stretcher sold (selected models)
  • Fits any shape and size penis
  • Comes with a 6-month double money back guarantee
  • X4 has a community discussion board for its members

X4 penis stretcher benefits

As mentioned earlier the X4 penis stretcher offers so many benefits both in features and price, including 3600 grams of tension which is more than other stretchers. in my opinion, when it comes to picking the best value you have two options, the X4 gold series is my top pick and  it is the same price as the anniversary ultra edition, if you take a close look comparing the two, the ultra edition offers some unneeded features such as a vacuum pump which you are better off buying separately. If the Gold edition does not fit your budget you next best option wold be the premium edition costing $119.99.

Other benefits of the X4 penis stretcher include:

  • Supports dual strips velcro straps and dual tubes for ultimate comfort
  • Offers 3 different kinds of fasteners
  • Offers up to 3600 grams of tension
  • Made of surgical grade material
  • Expert customer service and support
  • Incredible discounts and savings on all packages
  • Ships discreetly in plain packaging
  • Comes with a double money back guarantee

X4 penis stretcher cons

No device is perfect and the X4 is no different, while it offers an excellent design and effective results it does have some minor flaws that include:

Does not fit some men properly: some men have complained that the product does not fit properly,  especially when it is positioned at a certain angle, this is completely normal which is why the product comes with different sized elongation bars and straps.

Not comfortable: Some men have complained that it is nor very comfortable and hard to wear for many hours at a time, this is usually more of an issue with not using the right strap or elongation bars so when you first get the product you will have to make adjustments as needed until you get the perfect fit. 

Does not conceal easily:  When we say conceal, some men say that depending on the clothes you wear it can be noticeable, other men who wear dress slacks or baggy pants have had no issues and say it is not noticeable at all.

Quirky and sometimes difficult to find the right adjustment: Like anything else, this issue is easily resolved by having some patience and playing around with the different adjustable options until you get the right fit.

Most of the cons mentioned above are easy to overcome, a penis stretcher is something that is unique, and like anything new you should expect a small learning curve until you get it to fit just right, most of the cons mentioned above are similar issues men suffer from the very first time they wear one.

Is the X4 penis stretcher worth the money?

When it comes to quality penis enlargement devices the X4 penis stretcher offers most of the benefits of other higher priced stretchers at almost half the price.

X4 labs double money back guarantee

The X4 labs penis stretcher is the only penis enlargement device that offers a 6-month double money back guarantee, all you have to do is use the product for six months. If you do not see gains within that period of time you can return the product for a full “double your money back refund”.


The X4 labs penis stretchers is truly a great bargain it comes with many added features that are only found in stretchers costing $300.00 U.S or more, the product is manufactured in Canada with quality standards and delivers a product that delivers on its promise to increase the size of your penis.

Where to buy the X4 penis stretcher

While you may find the X4 penis stretcher sold on Ebay and Amazon we strongly recommend that you buy the product from the official x4labs.com website, this not only ensures you receive a genuine product you are also entitled to special discount pricing at the time of purchase plus if you are not completely satisfied with the product you can always return the product for a full refund.